Invisalign (SureSmile) 

SureSmile aligners are custom made clear aligners that you can change every two weeks for a duration of six to 18 months. The period might be longer, depending on the intensity of the misalignment. Unlike a mouth or dental retainer designed to keep the teeth from shifting, suresmile aligners can help in moving and carefully realigning your teeth for an attractive smile.

Unlike traditional metal braces the use of SureSmile aligners is the easiest method to straighten teeth. It does not require much from the patient, but a few changes to accommodate the treatment. While eating, flossing, brushing, or drinking, it is easy to remove SureSmile aligners and continue with your routine. This flexibility is the primary advantage, unlike cumbersome procedures associated with traditional alternatives. SureSmile aligners are transparent, almost invisible, and align to your teeth, unlike metal aligning methods and wires that may alter your natural look and smile.